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My studio is located in Brisbane, Australia. For the past 10 years I’ve been enjoying creating jewellery designs from an array of mundane materials. Tupperware and knitting needles have remained a firm favourite. My designs have been published numerous times, graced the shelves of many wonderful galleries and stores and been worn by those whose aren’t afraid of colour and attention. All of which I am very grateful for. For several years I’ve also been fortunate enough to work with many businesses as a coach and workshop facilitator.

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Friday, June 02, 2006

Translations in Tupperware - Global Design Contest

I was speaking with Anna Varendorff (jeweller to watch out for!) last night as she excitedly told me about this BIG Tupperware competition that she had read about in Surface magazine and that I surely must know about it Which I did!!

Anyway it prompted me to find out how Tupperware Australia planned to run the competition this year. So I sent an email to the Marketing Manager and got this prompt reply.

Hi Liana,
Thanks for the email regarding the 2006 Translations in Tupperware competition.
This year's competition is only open to current Tupperware demonstrators and is not open to the wider community. Therefore unfortunately we will not be able to accept an entry from you - unless you plan on becoming a Tupperware demonstrator!

Gee, I don't think so. One Tupperware Lady in the family was more than enough thank you!


Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

Liana, if you were ever to join the Tupperware sales family, I should be forced to find a new friend and studio buddy!!

Liana said...

No fear...never going to happen!!

Lilli&Tom said...

I wonder what the percentage of Australian Tupperware agents are designers? Could be a rather narrow competion....

Andrew said...

Hi Liana, I *am* a demonstrator in the UK and would love to take part, but Tupperware UK is not participating.

Loving your website by the way.