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My studio is located in Brisbane, Australia. For the past 10 years I’ve been enjoying creating jewellery designs from an array of mundane materials. Tupperware and knitting needles have remained a firm favourite. My designs have been published numerous times, graced the shelves of many wonderful galleries and stores and been worn by those whose aren’t afraid of colour and attention. All of which I am very grateful for. For several years I’ve also been fortunate enough to work with many businesses as a coach and workshop facilitator.

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Geek Week (7) - Uber Cool

I really have reached my geek limit for now. So as an antidote I went in search for something cool, and not just cool but uber cool. I did a Google image search for "uber cool" and to my surprise I came across more geek than chic. Sorry Nick but your pic. was one of those first stand-out images!

It is not that I am sick of geek but that I have some trouble with defining myself. In fact I have a problem with definitions in general. I ditched the Psych. degree early on, as it seemed to be all about putting people in their little boxes (O.K and statistics didn't help). As you can see I have used broad terms to describe myself and my work - Art Design Jewellery (craft).

So for the next week and beyond I'll just try to be myself and you can decide where I fit or don't. If I had to, I'd say I am a German-Italian-Australian, geeky-cool, jewellery making, Sydney born-Brisbane based-Melbourne loving-wished I could live in Europe, wife-mother-individual, happy-sad, dreamer and many more definitions that may or may not be so.


shannon said...

That definition is seriously cool

Liana said...

Thanks Shannon.

I think your way cool.

Anonymous said...

I think you are fabulous ( i hope that is not a definition )
love kylie j xx

Liana said...

I think I'm O.K with that.

Thanks Miss J.

Florence said...

Your Plastic Girl, that's good enough for me:^)

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

can't belive that you did an search for uber cool and did not find yourself at the top of the list- just goes to show that google does get it wrong sometimes.

Liana said...

Yer tell me about it!