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My studio is located in Brisbane, Australia. For the past 10 years I’ve been enjoying creating jewellery designs from an array of mundane materials. Tupperware and knitting needles have remained a firm favourite. My designs have been published numerous times, graced the shelves of many wonderful galleries and stores and been worn by those whose aren’t afraid of colour and attention. All of which I am very grateful for. For several years I’ve also been fortunate enough to work with many businesses as a coach and workshop facilitator.

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

"I thought of you when I saw this."

I'd have to say that a rather lovely side effect of being so focused on one particular material, namely plastic, is that people often think of you when they see some.

Thank you to all the special people who have helped and supported me by collecting and sending me lots of plastic goodness.
* Nurse Ellen
* Potter extraordinaire - Shannon
* Miss J - all round amazing gal
* Miss Wrecker - a regular contributor
* Miss Kellee and her fab. mum
* The Davenator aka Anna Davern
* Luigi & Lisette
* Miss Tracey
* Jam Tart
* Miss Marisa
* Flojo
* Silvana K. aka Mum - she has a knack for getting it cheap!
* The Shopping Sherpa - knitting needles are coming soon!!!

I hope I haven't forgotten anyone. If so - apologies and thanks.


Midge said...

Funny… just recently I saw a display of brightly colored vintage knitting needles in a store window here in Brooklyn - so I popped in to ask if they were for sale in hopes I could send them along to you! Alas, they were not willing to give them up, they were merely for display. But I'll remain on the lookout here in the US for ya!

Liana said...

Thanks Midgey.

Do you need more Barbie dolls?

Midge said...

Ahhh need is all relative isn't it?! hahaha No, seriously, I don't really NEED any more at the moment, but I'm always on the lookout anyway, you know how it is.

Where do you keep all your tupperware parts?! Do you have a storage/organizational system for it all?