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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

How To Survive Until Xmas

Time is racing. I feel the stress levels rising. I need to deal with this now before things spin tragically out of control. Deep breath. Another deep breath. Feeling calmer. Breathe again. OK, can deal now.

It is nearly November and I have so much on. I need to make so much and fill so many commitments. I could really scream at this point, but I'll try to take another deep breath, and breathe.

I have developed some rules to help me get through.

How to survive until Xmas - my rules:

1. Regular exercise. A daily habit now (mostly consists of some tragic dancing around).

2. Eat well - minimal junk food & lots of wholefoods (veg, fish, legumes). Chocolate is good for you - there are studies you know.

3. Loads of Music. This life needs a soundtrack.

4 Develop a positive attitude. Control what you can and leave the rest up to fate. Fate is my friend. But still, don't forget the trying. Happy with the trying.

5. Good friends - a daily dose of laughter & whingeing. You guys are the best - love ya with a cherry on top!

6. Water - drink it as much as possible, (although not before long trips on public transport). Swim whenever I can - early evening is lovely. Accept the fish within (Pisces).

7. Booze - not much. I really am rather silly after one drink. Social occasions are AOK. Wouldn't want to be unsocial - no way Jose. OK, maybe silly well before the drinking begins....

8. No rules - but guidelines are good.

All this should keep me as calm and at peace with the world as possible until I collapse under the Xmas tree on the big day. Fingers crossed!

above photo - thanks to Gerson Lessa - best Flickrite ever.

1 comment:

Jejune said...

That's a great set of not-rules-but-guidelines. I can't even bear to *think* about Christmas, what with a house move and wedding in Brisbane to deal with before mid-December! Good luck staying on track and not hyperventilating :D