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Monday, May 12, 2008

Alannah Hill's Words of Wisdom

Sweetie-Pie Bec made a comment, in the self-portrait post, about me looking like Alannah Hill. No doubt it was because of all that (usually) red hair! Anyway I did rather like hearing it because I have been a BIG fan of Ms Hill's for quite some time.

During the inevitable Allanah-Hill-Google-search I found this quote from her that I really liked, and felt that I really needed to hear. I can totally relate to what she has said. It has been a funny few days for me, roller coaster days, and reading this helped put things into perspective. It was indeed nice to know that I am not alone.

Something tells me that the path to happiness is to believe – in a faith or a hobby. I used to have a big, empty hole inside myself and a little dream to be successful. I thought it would make me happy. And it has. I thought having a child would make me happy [Hill’s son, Edward, is four]. And it has.

But I’ve realised that all these goals and achievements also bring lots of new little holes. So the one thing that really stands out for me is to have kindness, love and understanding towards yourself. We can’t be happy all the time. We can’t be achieving and winning all the time. We have to have times when life feels like it’s closing in around us and that we’re all alone in the world. But we have to realise that everybody feels the same. And this is what makes us strong and able to cope.

It’s the little things that make the tough times bearable – a Tim Tam, a new pair of shoes, an invitation to a party, a cheeky smile from your child, the sun on your back. Look forward to the little things, be strong in yourself and when you feel like you’re falling apart, know that you’re not alone.

Article published March 2006


Jejune said...

Really love that quote - something I need to keep in mind too! I think I"ll print it out and put it up on my office wall...

Maria said...

Ooh I'm a fan of Alannah Hill's as well, but after reading that, even moreso! That struck a chord with me as well.

Bec said...

Well, I did not know that Alannah Hill is not only very cool, but also wise! Who knew!!! I totally agree that it is always the little things that make the tough times bearable - and being able to recognise and appreciate those little things is definitely a path to happiness! Thanks for sharing this quote :)