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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Blog Comment Censorship

A recent incident on a friend's blog led me to think about the issue of blog comment censorship. I think this is something that all of us bloggers we will have to face from time to time. Especially if we have strong opinions. It would be lovely to think that everybody loves us and nobody has a negative thought against us ever, and at least if they do they have the good manners to keep it to themselves! Well dream on.

I guess there are really two issues here. The first is when someone makes a negative comment against you. The second is when someone makes a negative comment against someone else, and uses your blog as their soapbox. If this happens, what do you do?

I have had some experience with the first issue. During a controversial issue on my blog (copyright) there were some very strong opinions voiced on both sides. I knew that would happen and I expected some mud would be thrown at me, but I still had to say what I thought, and what my experience was. It was important to me. Sometimes you really just can't suck it up, and nor should you. Saying that, you should be prepared for a backlash, because bravery has its price. Anyway, I allowed negative comments against me to be kept up on my blog as I didn't feel that I had a right to delete them. I do think people can disagree with me, and at times do disagree with me. It also gave me the opportunity to respond. That is fair in my opinion.

The other issue is perhaps a little more complex. What do you do when someone says something against someone else? I haven't had this happen so far so I'm not sure what I would actually do. I guess I would have to look at the individual comment and then decide. Would it make a difference if I knew it was a truthful comment, or more than likely to be, (from my own experience) or not? Would it make a difference if the person chose to be anonymous, or not? I do think that if you are going to say something you should stand by it. Although, perhaps there are reasons that I am not aware of for not doing so. I'm still not sure exactly what I would do, but I do know that I don't like the idea of censoring anyone's opinions full stop.

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Michelle said...

There is a big difference between non-agreeing opinions and nastiness.

I'd delete the nastiness for sure - wouldn't hesitate, in fact!

There is a blog somewhere (for the life of me I can't remember which) where it says something along the lines of "I have the right to delete comments that suck. Don't suck." Apt, I think. It still comes down to the fact it's your blog, therefore you have the right to delete and censor as you wish.

Your post has provided me much food for thought!

Betty Jo said...

I agree with Michelle. There is enough nastiness in this world with out repeatedly reading it on your favorite blog. Constructive criticism,well that's another thing...but theres a right place and time.
Getting off the subject, did you see the woman on "Collectors" who had a huge collection of micellaneous pink things?..I thought of you!

Liana said...

Agreed - nastiness is not OK.

Oh I'm sorry I missed the collector of pink things! That is so me. Thanks Liz.

Cable Ties said...

Good article and i agree with michelle too...

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