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My studio is located in Brisbane, Australia. For the past 10 years I’ve been enjoying creating jewellery designs from an array of mundane materials. Tupperware and knitting needles have remained a firm favourite. My designs have been published numerous times, graced the shelves of many wonderful galleries and stores and been worn by those whose aren’t afraid of colour and attention. All of which I am very grateful for. For several years I’ve also been fortunate enough to work with many businesses as a coach and workshop facilitator.

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Business and Friendship

The Umbrella Collective is no more. There will be one last show at KickArts in Cairns from August 5th -30th. That will be the last time we come together as a group.

The decision to disband was reached several weeks ago. As far as break-ups go it was a good one. We had all grown and changed since we first joined forces, and our practices were now moving in different directions. Our goals were no longer united, so splitting just seemed like the right thing to do, and it was. Still it was hard. I personally felt all the mixed emotions of being simultaneously sad and glad, and that it was a mature decision, and a failure as well.

Overall mixing business and friendship is tricky business. Great things can come of it, and problems as well. Being a member of groups such as the Umbrella Collective and MoB Workspace has taught me that. When contemplating mixing the two I would suggest questions really need to be asked beforehand. Such as, where is the line between business and friendship? What should you expect of a friend, and what should you expect of a business associate? The waters can get very muddy when you join the two, and unfortunately friendships can be damaged or lost, and business goals never truly achieved. Being part of groups can also give you some enormous benefits and opportunities, as they have for me, and I am truly grateful for that.

pictured above, Flying Star Toys on display at the Christmas Umbrella show.


Kara said...

That is a shame. I hope everyone is happy and is moving on with their business in the right direction!


Liana said...

Thanks for your well wishes Kara!