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My studio is located in Brisbane, Australia. For the past 10 years I’ve been enjoying creating jewellery designs from an array of mundane materials. Tupperware and knitting needles have remained a firm favourite. My designs have been published numerous times, graced the shelves of many wonderful galleries and stores and been worn by those whose aren’t afraid of colour and attention. All of which I am very grateful for. For several years I’ve also been fortunate enough to work with many businesses as a coach and workshop facilitator.

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Subliminal Message?

Rebecca the Wrecker sent me this image the other day of my necklace poster in Brisbane's Queen St Mall.

This poster has been here for ages. It has been up so long that my excitement over it has faded and I rarely think about it. Although when Miss Rebecca sent me this image I did stop and think about it. I wondered if a rather large image of a necklace that thousands of people walked past daily was doing anything for Contemporary/Art Jewellery in Brisbane. I doubt many people stop to take a good look, but were they absorbing the image in an unconscious way and what could that really mean anyway?


Florence said...

Its difficult to say isn't it. What method of quantifacation could one develop to have some idea if this poster was having a direct effect on your sales or even indirectly on the interest in contemporary jewellery?

I think it is better that no exposer at all, can't sell a secret as the saying goes.

Florence said...

forgive my poor spelling as always.

where's my editor when I need her!


Anonymous said...

Liana, I just saw your website for the first time in ages... inspired by the CQ newsletter to have a read. Lucky it was at a time that my 4yo is sleeping and i have time to just sit and enjoy. i am totally blown away by what you have done. but firstly, on the poster. i must say that i walk past it often and always enjoy it. it is the best type of advertising ever and it is such a gorgeous photo. so even if people just "enjoy it" or are motivated to visit the mob store, it is all good. considering a poster like that in such a busy area would usually cost $1000's to buy... and yours has been up for soooooo long. I LOVE IT!!!! I love your work and as always i am so impressed with what you are doing. AND i must say it is refreshing to read such candid honesty about the ups and downs of life as a creative. thanks. jane info@girlsmadethis.com